Lightning Policy

General Policy -Severe Weather

UpdatedMonday June 4, 2018 bySteve Severn.

The lightning policy for our AGSA Majors Divisions (Ponytail/Diamond) is determined by the Adult Professional Umpires Association, (Champion Officials Association) which is also followed by our Minors Divisions (Pixie /Pigtail) Leagues.

The policy: 

  • The first indication of lightning either seen or heard is cause for immediate stoppage of play.
  • Players are required to go to a covered dugout if available or to a parents vehicle.
  • Play may not resume until after 30 minutes has transpired following the last indication of lightning.
  • Professional umpires may call "end-of-game" of a Majors game for any weather relation cause at their discretion and best judgement.
  • The League Commissioner or Coaches may call off Minors game.