High School League (8th - 12th grade)

UpdatedWednesday August 25, 2021 byPaul Bolejack.

High School League Commissioner: Paul Bolejack

  • High School League (8th - 12th)
    • Fall season open 8th graders that want to tryout for HS JV teams in the spring.
    • Spring season open to 8th graders and 7th graders with fall birthdays that want to try out for the Spirit 15U.
    • Kids on HS teams that are not on travel teams are encouraged to participate. They won’t be expected to participate in all weeknight house practices.
    • Due to Covid restrictions, players must provide their own glove, helmet and bat. We strongly urge pitchers and infielders to wear masks.
  • Games
    • Will play teams from neighboring jurisdictions (both away at those jurisdictions fields and at home in Arlington). We will stick to opponents not too far from the beltway.
    • Will be weekend only. May be some AGSA vs AGSA games on weeknights, we’ll see.
    • Will include some double headers if teams have the pitching depth.
  • Practices
    • We will look at trying a new league wide approach to practices by holding skills based practice sessions during the week that are open to all players. I’m trying to build in some flexibility for high schoolers’ schedules and also find a better way to help kids address skill areas where they need more attention.
    • Team based practices will be on weekends, either rotating use of a dedicated practice slot or scheduled for a 1 hour period before home games. Trying to minimize the number of weekend activities.
    • Will be looking at a way to support pitchers through dedicated pitching practice and/or some pitching instruction paid by the league.
  • Postseason
    • Will need to develop a postseason activity and will depend on several factors, like the number of players & teams and number of volunteers.
    • Could be one day single elimination tournament, if only 2 or 3 teams.
    • Could be Pitch, Hit & Run style competition that includes food/food trucks or other activities.

Which league should an 8th grader register for?

More information for 8th graders can be found here:

Jersey Information

The Ponytail, Diamond and HS leagues will use the Augusta Tornado Sleeveless Jersey. See document below for sizing info.

Diamond Jersey Sizing.pdf