Covid-19 Documents

UpdatedSaturday October 16, 2021 bySteve Severn.

-Points of Emphasis- Covid 19 Guidelines Fall 2021

  • Need to designate a Covid Manager, not a coach
  • Pre-practice/game screening of players and parents (are they sick or have they been exposed to someone who is sick, must report to AGSA)
  • Social Distancing is the priority
  • Masks worn when off the field
  • Players should not congregate at or near the entrances to the field of play*
  • Umpires must wear masks at all times.(Umpire Association has been alerted to our requirement)
  • Coaches must wear masks in the dugout while on the field is optional
  • Players wearing masks when in the field or batting is optional,
  • 3 player max in dugout (bench) others in stands or behind fence, 6 feet apart
  • Players use own helmet and bat only
  • Catchers gear not exchanged.
  • Disinfectant always available
  • No Loud Cheering in groups  i.e. the “Covid Circle”
  • No chewing seeds, gum or spitting*In an effort to encourage social distancing, players should not congregate at or near the entrances to the field of play.While on offense, only the batter and the on-deck hitter should be on the field side of the fence and only the in-the-hole hitter should be waiting near the gate to the field, but protected by the fencing.All others on offense should be seated, at least six feet apart, on benches or in the bench area

AGSA Covid Guidelines Fall 2021.docx
AGSA COVID-19 Waiver Form (2020-06-02).pdf
AGSA Message to families-April-2020-Final Draft.pdf
AGSA Return to Play-GamesV2-Ratified-7-10-2020.pdf
AGSA Return to Play-House 8-23-20.pdf
Survey Monkey Results.pdf