Ponytail League Rules

UpdatedFriday April 29, 2022 by Joe Kammerman.


  • 80 minutes no new inning. Dropdead at 105 minutes.
  • 4 runs per inning limit, all innings.
  • After 3 walks/HBP, coach comes in after 4 balls. Strike count carries over. Ump calls strikes for coaches.
  • Limit to one base on an overthrow WITH liability to be put out on a batted ball.
  • Stealing of 2nd and 3rd only. 1 base per pitch on steals. Lead when ball crosses front of home. No steals on walked/HBP batter.
  • No Dropped 3rd, no infield fly.
  • Outfield & hits...all you can get (unless a play is made and it's an overthrow at that base)
  • Pitchers may pitch in at most 2 innings.

AGSA Ponytail League Rules 9_1_2021.pdf