Sage Policies & Charter

- Sage Policies & Charter

UpdatedThursday August 11, 2022 bySteve Severn.

Sage (Travel Team) Charter

The Sage Charter formally ratified in 2008 has undergone several revisions since then with the most recent update occurring in 2017. If you are interested in trying out for a Sage team or just want to learn more about the program this document is a must read.  The charter contains information on the operating polcies, selection process and procedures for the Arlington Sage which is one of the Travel team programs offered by the Arlington Girls Softball Association. 

Sage Registration Policy

Sage requires that all players register through the AGSA system.  Players will be given a registration code by their coaches upon making the team. 

Players will be required to pay a $100 Sage/AGSA registration fee once a year, typically in the fall. Sage players living outside of Arlington, VA will also be assessed an additional $20 to cover the non-resident charge for field use.  The Sage registration fee  covers administrative costs, field maintenance and field-use costs incurred by the the parent organization, AGSA.  Sage team fees/assesments will also be made at the time of registration.  These fees will be used to pay for tournaments, doubleheaders, insurance, team equipment, instructors, indoor training space and other team costs for the upcoming season.  Additional assessments may be required by different coaches in different seasons.   These fees may not cover uniform or “spirit wear” costs which could be charged separately.  Sage registration fees are due, paid in full by the start of that season.  Failure to pay or make payment arrangements, may result in forfeiture of a team roster spot.  Any players added after the start of the season must still pay the $100 Sage/AGSA fee as well as any team dues before they can be made eligible to play in a game or tournament.

Sage Refund Policy

All Sage/AGSA fees are non-refundable. 

Sage Scholarships:

Anyone requesting a scholarship to offset  Sage team fees must fill out the request form below for each seasom being requested. See link below:

Updated:  August 2022

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